We are back from vacation and looking forward to taking great care of your pets. We are full for Thanksgiving and Christmas through to New Year. Sorry, but other times we're good to go.

We had to say goodbye to our beloved Aussie on Saturday. He's now running in doggie heaven with his best friend Scottie.


This is Penny, a sweet Wheaton Terrier and she is a joy to look after. Penny gets so excited when Dunwoody Pet Sitting comes to visit. She is always full of energy.



"Rascal" is a lovable chihuahua that is very dear to the owners of Dunwoody Pet Sitting.

We've taken him shopping with us and he loves to ride in the cart.


This is Honey, a golden retreiver and a real cutie . She is a sweetheart and everyone at Brook Run loves her. Honey is our February Pet of the Month and Dunwoody Pet Sitting looks forward to caring for her.



"Aussie" has really grown into a fine dog. He was a rescue dog that stole the hearts of his new owners. Now he's 3 years old, very healthy and still only afraid of storms. When they happen, he prefers being in the car.

Aussie is a great pet, very loyal and friendly. He loves to play with other dogs and especially loves his visits to Brook Run.


This is Teddy, a beautiful well mannered German Short Hair Pointer. He is our January Pet of the Month and we at Dunwoody Pet Sitting love it when we get to take care of him.



"Aussie" is our main dog and loves Christmas-time.


These cute dogs are Benji, Sparks and Gerti and they are our December Pets of the Month. Dunwoody Pet Sitting love taking care of them when their family is away. 




Our DPS employees, hard at work :-).


This is Sophie. She is a wonderful peek-a-poo who bounces around wherever she goes. She is the cutest dog the Dunwoody Pet Sitting family looks after. We love her.